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General information about Hajj and Omra with Lont group

Lont Groups is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of Religious tourism . We handle Hajj and all kinds of Omra trips . We provide Hajj by flight and by bus as well , we provide accommodation at 5 stars hotels in Macca and Mmadina , we also provide 3 types of Omra : by bus , by flight and by boats .

 Accommodation is multiple like 5 stars , 4 stars and 3 stars in both Macca and Madina 

We offer 2 packages of Hajj and Omra :



We always use flights of Egypt Air for Hajj and for Omra we either use flights of Egypt Air or Saudi Arabia air lines .


Hajj Program

Dear Customer , it is our pleasure to present to you our great trip to holy land
Mecca and Medina

This Holy trip goes as following (Cairo / Medina /Jeddah/Cairo )

It is our Hajj program by Egypt Air flights , accommodation in Mecca at 5 stars hotel
100 Meter from Haram
Accommodation in Medina at 5 stars hotel 300 Meter from Haram


Internal transportation :

From Airport to Medina by Private bus

From Medina to Mecca by Private bus

From Mecca to Jeddah airport by Private bus



From Macca to Arafa by Private bus

From Arafa to Muzdalefah by private bus

From Muzdalefah to Mena by private bus

From Mena to Macca by private bus


Also we offer every Pilgrim (for free)  the following Gifts :

Bags and Books


Aviation is a distinguishing factor for lont as a travel agent , where no other travel agency in Egypt provides this service

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