It is the second most important city in Egypt, and its largest port on the Mediterranean Sea. It includes treasures of ancient civilizations. It enjoys a rare nature and mild weather throughout the year.

Its history extends for more than five thousand years, and it has dozens of modern and ancient tourist attractions that include mosques, churches, castles, museums, and Pharaonic ;Greek ;and Islamic antiquities . It has ancient markets, luxurious palaces and lush gardens.

Not only Alexandria library is among the prominent titles of its civilization, which was recently rebuilt to be a global cultural and civilizational edifice but also its beaches are picturesque and famous, teeming with new tourist facilities, resorts, and therapeutic and cultural institutions.

 Among the most prominent landmarks of Alexandria:

-Latin Cemetery and Temple of the Black Head:The Latin cemetery known as the “alabaster”. It  dates back to the early Ptolemaic era. As for the Temple of the Black Head, it was moved from its original place to this site. It is the first private temple to be built by a member of the people, dating back to the Roman era.

-Montazah Palace Gardens: It is a group of lush gardens surrounding the Montazah Palace. It is also one of the former royal palaces, with an area of ​​370 acres. It contains trees, palm trees, and a group of flower beds.

It also includes a museum, bathing beaches, natural bays, and an integrated tourist center that includes hotels, restaurants, chalets, and a children’s garden.

-Antoniadis Park: It contains symmetrical trees and flowers, and a number of marble statues designed in the Greek style, in addition to the waterfalls gardens, which is a central garden located on the eastern edge of the heart of the city.

-Roman Theater : It is located in Kom El Dikka, and it is the only Roman theater in Egypt. This building was built at the beginning of the fourth century AD.

-Modern Alexandria library : In 1972, the University of Alexandria launched a project to revive the Library of Alexandria, and UNESCO issued the first international appeal in 1987 to support the project and lay the foundation stone for the ancient Library of Alexandria.

Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2001 was issued deeming the Library of Alexandria as a legal entity based in Alexandria Governorate and affiliated to the President of the Republic.

The number of floors of the library is 11, of which 4 floors are below the surface of the earth and 7 are above it.

There are 10,000 original and rare books in the library, and 250 other facsimile (original copies) and there are 2,600 rare maps in the library, including 70 maps on Alexandria. The scientific theses in the library reach 15,000, and the library included, at the opening, 200 thousand volumes and 1,500 scientific periodicals.

Alexandria library is considered one of the giant cultural edifices, a beacon of culture, Egypt’s window to the world, and a window to the world on Egypt.

It is the first digital library in the twenty-first century and includes the Egyptian cultural and human heritage. It is a center for study and dialogue. It includes a library that can accommodate more than eight million books. English and French, as well as a selection of books in other European languages ​​such as German, Italian, Spanish and other rare languages.

-Alexandria University Conference Center The cultural complex of the city of Alexandria is located in Al-Silsilah area. It covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters and includes:The Main Auditorium, 1700 seats, is a large hall without any pillars to obstruct the view. It is a multi-purpose facility with a fully-equipped stage that allows for holding international and national conferences and for staging plays, concerts, ballets, and operas. There are six separate booths equipped for simultaneous interpretation in six languages.Three smaller halls: The first 400 seats, and the second and third, 286 each. Five separate booths for simultaneous interpretation are attached to each hall.All the halls are equipped with audio-visual aids, closed-circuit TV, air-conditioning, and direct-dial telephone services. Other facilities for information, security, and parking areas are also available

-Alexandra’s market : Alexandria was famous in the Middle ages with  a lot of different industries and quality , the most important textile industry , pottery, glass ,soap and ships , and is perhaps the most important textile industry reputation for the city it was the Arabs adopt these fame in the covering of the Kaaba.

Attarine market was one of the most famous markets of this ancient city. It is specialized with the sale of all types of spices, legumes, seeds, grains, and then expanded its activities to include all other goods from clothes, laptops, shoes and other.

There are also old markets retains its characteristics such as textile market or (Thread market) which handles the sale of all types of yarn and all of the art supplies embroidery, knitting. Also Zanat el Sitat market    that is specialized with women supplies  as does the Moroccan market, and others.

-Alexandria beaches are considered the most prominent landmarks, where the city has been well known by its greatest summer resorts and beaches as :Agami Beach, Miami and Mamoura. There are also many hotels and summer housing units there.

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