A tourist city in South Sinai Governorate in Egypt. It is the most famous after Sharm El-Sheikh in terms of the number of tourists visiting it.


It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba at the Red Sea, southeast of the Sinai Peninsula, about 81 km north of the famous resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and about 135 km from the Israeli city of Eilat.

Dahab consists of two villages, the first village, which is the Bedouin village and its name is Al-Asla, and is located in the southern half. while the second village is considered the commercial and administrative part of Dahab, and is located to the north. There is also the occupied Palestinian border, Coral Island, where the Crusaders built a castle whose remains can be seen.

Dahab was named after the golden color that characterizes the sands of its clear beaches.

Its tourist importance:

This city was previously a small village for fishermen, then it became famous in the nineties after the Egyptian government gave it special attention, so it has established hotels and tourist villages in its heart, and some Bedouins still reside there.

It now has all the elements of tourist cities, as it contains many beautiful places, and it has the most famous diving areas, and it is the only one that has the ancient archaeological area that has an ancient history, and also the tongue, which is one of the natural reserves.

Dahab is also  famous for its golden beaches and amazing sites that are suitable for diving, and it is one of the most prominent activities that visitors to the city of Dahab can practice . It is also  characterized by that it is the cheapest price among the tourist resorts in which this sport is practiced in the rest of the Sinai, and it is also practiced in it.

It also has a water sport that is not found in Sharm, which is windsurfing. or sailing. Dahab is distinguished for this sport due to the speed of the winds in it, and the winds are fast because the mountains surround it from many sides. So places of low pressure and others of high pressure occur, which helps speed wind movement.

Dahab resort is also famous for skydiving sport , which has become associated with the region because it includes centers for teaching jumping of all kinds.

Although it includes a number of tourist villages and hotels of varying levels. what distinguishes this city most is the kiosks made of wood and palm leaves, which are mainly located in the tourist resort of Dahab.

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