Hurghada is a small coastal town stretching almost 40 kilometers alongside the Red Sea. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days there recently. The city is famed for its scuba diving activities, but that wasn’t what I was going for to be honest. Diving enthusiasts, however, could relax because the city offers numerous diving centers and schools in a modern district named Sekala.

Weather in Hurghada is scorching hot and humid during the summer months; from June until late September. I always made sure I carried a bottle of water when I walked out in the sun to avoid dehydration. The weather becomes pleasant and cool in the evenings, and becomes even more pleasant from October until winter starts in December.

Winter is fun in Hurghada and most water sport activities keep going in most beach resorts unless safety precautions have to be applied in case of windy conditions which lead to dangerously high waves; this is a rare condition though.

Hurghada attracts tourists from all over the world; Asia, Africa, Russia, Europe and the Americas. Locals and Arabs are also attracted to the exotic, calm beach resorts available in the coastal city of Hurghada.

Snorkeling, diving and parasailing are offered in almost every beach resort in Hurghada. The Red Sea is generally renowned for its beautiful coral reef, colorful fish and sea creatures which are pleasant to get a close look at. I wasn’t interested in that as much as I was interested in laying on the beach all day enjoying my music and food. I will surely come back with my friends or family to Hurghada to explore the beauty of the Red Sea.

The beauty of the Red Sea’s coral reef and the rare, colorful sea creatures that reside in it is the main reason tourists are attracted to spend their vacation there. Another reason for visiting Hurghada is that it allows families to spend a nice family vacation in a calm, slow-paced city.

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